Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam
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Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam
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International Game Market Potsdam

The Education Forum „International Game Market Potsdam“ is an European Network of people and organizations working with adventure-based learning and educational games. As an international forum it describes the PLAY as an essential item for the human being and development. Since more than twenty years, the "Game Market" connect international partners in this interest. Because especially in games we can overcome boarders between people.

With an annual changing theme game inventors, authors and educators come together to interact and introduce their ideas, inventions, programs, methods and new know-how to an interested audience of pedagogical skilled personnel. 


You will find over 100 practical seminars, workshops, performances and lectures along with permanent activities and about 60 booth to inform about projects, (new) games, pedagogical material etc.


Visit us  on the beautiful green island of Potsdam-Hermannswerder and present yourself or your organization on the Game Market and show over 3.000 trade visitors how you work educationally with play, theater, adventure and creativity!


The next International Game Market is coming up:

28. Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam

03rd - 04th May 2019

10:00 - 18:00