International Network

The Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam is part of a European educational network of organizations, educational institutions, projects and individuals. This international network was created by the Spielmarkt Potsdam and co-initiated by it. The network partners participate in the annual toy market and develop their own event formats in their own countries.

The purpose of the network is the transnational exchange of expertise in the field of games and education, the dissemination of ideas, as well as the joint development of projects or participation in projects in different countries.

The network partners are developing new organizations, educational institutions and projects for the network in their countries and are looking for cooperation with colleges and universities. This expands the perspective on the current challenges in education and helps to make scientific developments and insights available to an interested public.


The International Play Market Potsdam has several international partner organizations that present themselves below.

Academy of Education and Adventure (Pracownia Nauki i Przygod; Poland):

Akademie für Gruppe und Bildung (Austria):

A Kiss Áron Magyar Játék Társaság (Hungarian Society for Play):

Assoziation for Children of German Hungariens:

Bromma Folk High School (Bromma folkhögskola – Sweden):

Evangelical Academy (Czechia):

Institute of Education the Jagiellonian University (Poland):

KLANZA (Poland)

Museum of Ethnography (Hungary):

Research Group Culture-Identity-History of the University of Pécs (Hungary):

Seligstadt Youth Center and Bekokten Children`s University (Romania):

SEM: Fellowship of Lutheran Youth (Slovakia):

Treasure Hunter School Budapest-Hungary: