Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam –  Exposé

The Spielmarkt Potsdam idea arose in the course of continuing education events on educational play, shared by the just reunited German nations (1989 to 1991). The core of the project was the desire to use elements of the pedagogy of play in a targeted way in school and in out-of-school child and youth work.

Supporting Institutions
The supporting institutions are the youth parish offices or offices for children and youth work of the Protestant regional churches in Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) and in Central Germany (EKM), the Protestant-Lutheran regional church of Saxony (EVLKS), the regional church of Anhalt as well as the Hoffbauer Foundation in Potsdam and the Stephanus Foundation Berlin. They are incorporated under the common short name “Evangelische Jugend” (Protestant Youth).

Educational concept of the Spielmarkt

For the Protestant youth, game and play combine with a Protestant understanding of education that goes far beyond the sharing of knowledge. Education aims at the development of a self-determined personality and in view of social coexistence is also an imperative of charity, in contrast to an understanding of education as the promotion of elites.

The Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam

  • promotes discourse on the importance of play in pedagogical work, education and the psychosocial significance of play,
  • includes scientific work on educational play, offers a framework for a scientifically reflected exchange and makes scientific developments and findings in the field of the playing available to the interested public.
  • promotes an examination of the role of playing in relation to social topics and developments,
  • offers suggestions for playing in all pedagogical fields of work through practical experience as well as the reflection of playing for holistic education,
  • stimulates and empowers to use elements of the pedagogy of play in school and extracurricular work with children, adolescents and adults in a targeted manner and pedagogically productive,
  • supports the sustainable work of an international network for pedagogy of play for contacts, professional exchange and common projects.


Target groups
The Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam is aimed primarily at professionals in all pedagogical fields:

  • Employees of associations and independent organisations, both full-time and volunteers
  • Teachers, educators, pedagogues, social pedagogues, curative pedagogues
  • Employees from Church and Diakonia
  • Students of the pedagogical faculties in technical schools, colleges and universities

The Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam is recognised as an advanced training program for teachers in the federal states of Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin, Thuringia and Saxony.
The annual number of visitors ranges from 2,500 to 4,000.

Special features of the event
The Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam is an interdisciplinary educational event about games and play from practice for practice: With elements from advanced training, trade fairs and activities in the indoor and outdoor area, the event is equally interesting for professional visitors and families. The focal point of the event is the idea of playing, with all its aspects concerning education and personality development.

Due to the largely volunteer-based organisational structure, the lively exchange between participants and visitors takes place at eye level and in a relaxed, family-like environment.
It is the largest educational offer for pedagogical practice in the (East) German area and covers several federal states and regional churches. Experts from more than ten European countries will offer over 120 individual events to visitors on both days.
With an annually changing main topic, the Spielmarkt incorporates current topics and developments in pedagogy and society for the different educational work fields. The current theme of the year shapes the entire programme.
The event usually takes place every year at the beginning of May on Fridays and Saturdays.


The patron of the Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam is the respective Minister for Education, Youth and Sport of the Federal State of Brandenburg.

Cooperation partners and networks
There are several supporting networks and informal network structures around the Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam. One of the networks consists of cooperation partners and supporters mainly from Brandenburg and Berlin.
The Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam itself is part of a European network for educational play, consisting of organisations, educational institutions, projects and individuals. The network partners participate in the annual Spielmarkt and develop their own event formats in their countries.

This educational event is supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the State of Brandenburg and by federal funds of the Children and Youth Plan (kjp). In addition to funds from the supporting institutions, participation fees and market booth fees, the cooperation partners support this event both personally and financially. Special church subsidies and project-related individual subsidies also supplement the financing.



Thomas Aßmann –Spielmarkt team – Status as of April 2019