Online podium 2020 (Recording)

+++ In German only +++

Friday, May 15 | game pedagogical reflection

“Play in times of crisis and transition: between resilience, depression and pastime”

We apologize for the partly bad sound quality and dropouts in the recording. The recording started delayed, so that the first minutes are unfortunately missing.


On the podium (from left to right): Lars Schwenzer (moderator) , Tobias Kummetat (technical communication); Marianne Herzog, Zurich / Switzerland (trauma educator)
Robby Höschele, Nürtingen (consultant for experimental education and youth policy, playing arts and education on the web), Gabriela Fütterer (moderator); Hannes Waldner, Meran / Italy (game, media and wilderness educator, game author, escape room designer)

Keywords were among others:

  • How are current circumstances changing the way we play?
  • What do the radical changes do with us, our self-image…?
  • How can play strengthen us under these circumstances?