Info about the Spielmarkt Academy

Playing with passion – gaining self-confidence

The new format Spielmarkt-Akademie takes place as a specialist event in a smaller setting than the Spielmarkt usually does. Next year, the large-scale event will be held again on Hermannswerder Island with its diverse outdoor area. Both types of events will alternate from this year onwards, but with the same annual theme: one year the Play Market Academy, the other year the Play Market as a major event. 

The word “academy” is internationally familiar and means, in the broadest sense, a place where theory and practice are combined, where professional exchange and reflection take place, and where academic discourse is included. In the future, it is to stand in a row with “summer academies” organised in some places. 

The number of participants is limited to 80. The event is aimed at professional and voluntary workers in children’s and youth work, in the field of education, further education and training, students, teachers from the pedagogical fields as well as speakers and other participants in the large-scale event Spielmarkt Potsdam. About ¼ of the places are reserved for participants from other European countries.

The conference language The conference language is German. As no English speakers had registered by the registration deadline of 6 April, simultaneous translation will not be provided.

The venue for the first Spielmarkt-Akademie is the Sozialpädagogisches Fortbildungsinstitut Berlin-Brandenburg (SFBB) in the Jagdschloss Glienicke.

Pre-registration: Participation is only possible with pre-registration for the entire event. Due to limited places, group registration is not possible.

Online participation:

The planned online participation was cancelled due to lack of registrations for this form of participation.  

The keynote speech by Gerald Hüther and the keynote speeches on Saturday will be recorded and can be found on the YouTube channel of the Spielmarkt after the event.