target group

The Educational Forum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam primarily addresses professionals of all educational fields:

  • Volunteers, teamers, Juleica employees and
  • Employees working with children and young people such as child and youth group leaders, social pedagogues, curative educators, community and religious educators, deacons, pastors, etc
    • with associations and independent sponsors
    • in the Church, Diakonia and Caritas
    • in institutions of public authorities
    • in youth welfare offices
  • Employees in educational institutions such as teachers, educators, pedagogues, social pedagogues,
    • in public and independent schools and kindergartens
  • Students of the pedagogical faculties in technical schools, colleges and universities
  • therapists

Specialists from the European area can give lectures with subsequent discussions on aspects of the respective main topic or on general (play) educational and related topics related to scientific research or provide workshops with methods and theoretical practice reflection as well as practical exercises.

In the exhibitor area, small games publishers, games inventors and pedagogically profiled toy shops as well as social projects and institutions of education and youth welfare can present their offers and ways of working. In addition, publishers and specialist bookstores can offer literature, work aids and work materials.
For the exhibitors, the gaming market offers the opportunity for a direct exchange with educational professionals and parents. This often leads to suggestions for the further development of the games and their own portfolio.