Target group

The Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam is aimed at employees from all educational fields: youth associations, schools, day-care centres, churches, associations and public institutions.

The large-scale event Spielmarkt with its diverse program is a suitable event for further training and encounters for  

  • Volunteers, team leaders, Juleica holders,
  • Professionals in the field of child and youth welfare such as child and youth group leaders, social educators, curative educators, but also community and religious educators, deacons, pastors and others,
  • Staff in educational institutions such as teachers, educators, pedagogues,
  • students of pedagogical faculties in colleges, universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as
  • parents.

Specialists from the European region can offer expert lectures with subsequent discussions on aspects of the respective focus topic or on general (play) pedagogical and related topics with reference to scientific research or provide methods and theoretical practical reflection as well as practical exercises in workshops.

For exhibitors, the Spielmarkt offers the opportunity for a direct exchange with pedagogical experts and parents. This often results in suggestions for the further development of the games and the exhibitors’ own portfolios.

The Spielmarkt Academy, on the other hand, is aimed particularly at people from educational practice and scientific research as well as speakers and other participants in the large event Spielmarkt.