Participating concert – Win Win songs

After working for eight years in workshops on violence prevention, Viktor Bauernfeind began to pack the essential contents into music. This interactive music program for children from 5 to 11 years is therefore about: Contact and the perception of similarities and differences; feelings and what we can do with our anger; communication and negotiation, so … Read more

SMART WORLD – understanding the world in a more playful way

Have you ever wondered, how the rain sensor in the car wiper works or an ATM counts the bills or how to turn on the heater with the phone? In the context of digital education, it is possible to develop simple smart gadgets with microcomputers (e.g., ARDUINO or RASPBERRY). This helps to understand how something … Read more

Play with rules or rules to play with

You can create associations to this sentence in various ways. In the board game you play with rules, you are expected to stick to the rules, you can change the rules yourself, you can agree on rules, you can ask yourself how binding rules are, there are rules in interaction, in role-playing, moving games, offside … Read more

Games with everyday materials – cardboard rolls, egg cartons & Co.

Child’s play without everyday materials? Hard to imagine! Especially the things we encounter in everyday life are full of play ideas and creative possibilities. Finding new functions and contents allows us to perceive our environment and promotes our professional, social and personal skills. Different materials are presented and exercises, games and rules are developed and … Read more