Participation 2021

The following possibilities exist to participate in the International Education Forum Spielmarkt Potsdam in 2021:

as a speaker for a digital programme

For the digital programme of the Spielmarkt, we are looking forward to offers of workshops, join-in activities, panel discussions, specialist lectures, etc., which deal with the annual theme or one aspect of it. These will again form the thematic focus of the upcoming play market. Offers with a general play-pedagogical reference are also welcome. If possible, plan with a platform on which many people have gained experience, especially in 2020 (e.g. Zoom, MS-Teams or similar). Make a clear distinction between participatory (e.g. workshops, expert discussion with audience participation) and more receptive formats (e.g. lecture without discussion, theatre play, presentation of a project or game). Playful offers with less educational background such as a digital paper chase are also possible.

Further information can be found in the information sheet (PDF); registration for digital offers: Excel

as a speaker in an analogue or hybrid offer

Depending on local or regional possibilities, interests and general conditions, play educational activities can be organised at different locations under the banner of the Bildungsforum Spielmarkt Potsdam. Organise – possibly together with others – a play market offer in your town. The organising persons are free to choose the type and scope of the activities. They should orient themselves on the previous formats of the play market: Workshops, participatory activities, performances, lectures and discussions. This can be a theatre play or a children’s song concert in one place, and various workshops in another. In one place a church is designed around the theme, elsewhere a games shop invites you to play, or a youth group creates an all-day play island in public space, or a few activities are combined for a limited number of participants … Here too, we welcome activities related to the annual theme. We are happy to include analogue offers or offers that are also to be transmitted digitally in whole or in part (hybrid) in the online programme.

Further information can be found in the information sheet (PDF); registration for analogue/hybrid offers: Excel

as exhibitor

As an exhibitor we are unfortunately unable to provide you with a stand at the Spielmarkt this time. But you can check if you, as a speaker, can make an analogous offer with your games or materials in one place. This could be a play action in or in front of your business premises or in the pedestrian zone … – provided that the contact and distance rules applicable at the time allow it. Or you could choose a digital format, e.g. a presentation of your project or a game. This can also be pre-produced and does not necessarily have to be live.

Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and support you in planning as far as we can: