At the end of the play market

Unfortunately we have to announce:

Spielmarkt-Potsdam in its previous form is coming to an end.

After the Spielmarkt-Akademie this year, independently of each other and for very different reasons, some contributors have left the preparation team or have had to reduce their commitment very significantly. This means that the team is no longer able to work in the form necessary for the Spielmarkt.
In addition, a drastic reduction in funding has been announced for 2024.

Despite intensive efforts, the organisers and the play market team unfortunately did not manage to compensate for the lack of funding and staff over the summer, so that the play market could be secured.
The general conditions will not improve in the foreseeable future. It is not a short lull that can be bridged. That is why the bitter decision had to be made to end the play market.
Together with the promoters, we regret this. We still consider the Spielmarkt to be an important educational event for society that is unique in the educational landscape.

However, there is hope that the Spielmarkt or another successor event can be revived. The question “What can play(pedagogy) achieve in society and how can it be integrated into all educational contexts?” will continue to be of great importance in the future. However, this will require a different supporting structure and a new preparatory group. This is not feasible for 2024.

At the bottom of this page you will find the opportunity to leave a comment, ideas or suggestions. We ourselves will not respond as a play market team, but will of course read the comments, collect constructive suggestions and pass them on. It is also possible to contact the organisers directly. The logos below will take you to the respective website of the organisers, where you will also find a contact email address.

This Spielmarkt homepage and the presences in the social media will remain for the time being. Should there be any new developments, they will be found here.

As the Spielmarkt team, we would like to thank for the many colourful, happy and stimulating hours in 30 years of Spielmarkt and this year.

Stay playful and here’s to seeing you again,

The Spielmarkt-team



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